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On this page is a list of bugs we already know exist in the plugins we use. We don't have any control over fixing these bugs but we are monitoring them for fixes from the plugin authors. For a list of bugs in the actual Minecraft game, visit and 

Map markers disappear after a few seconds

This is a known bug with the Dynmap plugin. They are working on it. 

  • Workaround: This happens only when you use a sign to set a marker on the side of a block. Signs that are standing on the floor are not effected. You can either put the signs on the floor, or use the command below.
  • Workaround #2: You can use a command to set a marker where you're standing, or delete it. Use the commands below. 

    For available options of parameters (sets & icons) to use in the following commands, see Guide to Placing Markers 
    • Create:
      /dmarker add icon:<icon-name> id:<Make up an Id> set:<set-name> label:<what you want the marker to say> 
  • Delete:
/dmarker delete id:<id of the label you want to delete>