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Welcome to the Madminers Municipal Wiki!

Here you will find all the information you need about our worlds!

Getting Started:

Destinos:Vega is not "vanilla" minecraft. We have lots of customizations. Click an icon below to learn about them.
Facebook Group Discord Chat & News Madminers FAQ Player Commands Mantis Code of Conduct Economy Guide Server Updates Player guides for our own server.


Does it say the server is offline but it's not? This is a known bug with Minecraft. Just hit 'refresh' and it will be green.


Server Info:


World Info:

Previous worlds will be reintroduced as alternate planes in a future update. When logging in the first time, you will automatically spawn in Destinos:_Vega at Public Shelter.

Public Shelter

General Minecraft Resources

Here're some general Minecraft resources for you:

Updates & Features

Check here for a list of updates.
For a roadmap of the update plan, see the Update Roadmap
Here is a List of Current Server Plugins




Official Madminers Resource Pack(s) and mods:

Be sure to download the files from the folder matching the current game version. (i.e: "1.12.2")

For instructions on how to install the files to your game, see Installing Madminer Mods




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