Destinos: Pentarus

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Destinos: Pentarus


Destinos: Pentarus was a world of abundant biomes, and villages. Spawning into a desert village called Dusty Shores you'll find lots to adventure for. The second in the series of Destinos worlds, it was preceded by Destinos: Prime In Star Trek, the Pentarus system was a star system containing two M class planets; Pentarus V and Pentarus III, which were colonized by salenite miners.

It ran simulaneously with Tirkie Land, which was a Thanksgiving Holiday world from 2017


You may travel to Walla Wallington on Tirkie Land through the dustyshores1 portal in the main spawn village of Dusty Shores

Landmarks of Note

  • The Dry Dry Swamp
  • The Mountain of Tallness
  • Treetop Point
  • Temple of Bauket
  • Temple of Tulum
  • The Gulf of Seven Lands
  • Acacia Sands Bay
  • The Strait of Gays
  • The Boisterous Expanse
  • Clingonberry Bay
  • Frog Canal

Villages of Note