List of Current Server Plugins

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Server Plugins

Server plugins are small (Well, sometimes not-so-small) pieces of software that add features to the world for all players. (Not to be confused with "Mods" which are installed on your own game software at home, and only add features for you, not all players.)

Generally, we avoid plugins which change existing game functions. (For example, changing a block material to something else.)

We are using the Spigot platform for our plugins.

Current Plugins List

These are what are currently installed on our server: (Note that for security reasons, some plugins are unlisted that do not effect gameplay)

List of Upcoming Plugins

In the future, we will look into adding these plugins. Got a request? Let us know on Discord.

  • EasyCarts
  • CraftBook
  • Denizens
  • Shopkeeper

Admin Plugin References

These are reference documents for server admins only.