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The Madminer Navigational Intermining Standard is a standard of practices that helps ensure your safety inside a mining environment. These rules help keep you safe from getting lost underground, as well as dying from hazards. Diamonds Arent Worth It - Use MANtiS™!

Torches on the RIGHT WALL indicate you are going INTO a cave or tunnel.
Torches on the LEFT WALL indicate you are exiting the tunnel or cave.
This chuffer on the floor means nothing navigationally. It is simply to light the way.

The Mantis Torch Navigational System (TNS)

  • The Mantis System recommends that you always place your torches on the RIGHT WALL of tunnels and caves. This allows you to know if you're going in or out of the cave. If you're trying to get out, all you have to do is make sure to travel with the torches on your left. If the torches appear on your right, you know that you're going deeper instead of out.
    • If the tunnel or room is too wide for one torch (on the right wall) to light the width of the space effectively, place the additional "chuffer" torches on the FLOOR on the left. When they are on the floor, you'll know to ignore the chuffers navigationally, but it will still light your way.

Don't Get Burned

Always carry a bucket of water with you. It will save your life from unexpected lava flows.

Sleep it Off

Always carry a spare bed and sleep in it before entering the mine. This will reset your death spawn so that you may retrieve your valuables in a timely fashion before they despawn, instead of respawning you miles away.

Keep Your Head Down

Avoid mining straight UP. It can lead to an unexpected death from crushing or lava!