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The following are commands that any player may use on the server, by typing them in the chat window. This is a reference page and is updated whenever new commands are enabled. You can use the commands in the "Aliases" column to do the same thing. They're like shortcuts.

Chat Commands

Name Command Aliases Description
MOTD /motd None Displays the Message of the Day.
Private Message /whisper <playername> /tell /msg /t /w /m Sends a private message to a player.
Reply /reply /r Replies to the last private message you received. No player name required.
Ignore /ignore <playername> /ign Ignores a player in chat.
Disable Private Messaging /togglepm /ignorepm /ignpm /nopm Disables private messaging completely
Change Nickname /nick <nickname> None Changes your display name in chat. Use "/nick off" to restore your username. Can use global text formatting rules.
Whois /whois <nickname> None Find out the actual player behind a nickname.
Emoji Catalog /emojichat list None Displays a catalog of all the available emoji and their codes.
Send Mail /mail send <Playername> <Message> None Sends the message to a player even if they're offline. (Essentials)
Read Mail /mail read None Displays mail in your mailbox. (Essentials)
AFK /afk None Sets you as "Away From Keyboard" in the game. Your name will be gray and flagged. Repeat command or move for 3 seconds to unflag.
Emote /me None Allows you to role play an emotion or action. "/me is dancing crazy" will display as "Joe is dancing crazy" in the chat.
View time info /vt info None Shows you the time settings on the world.
Check $Shiney Balance /balance None Shows the balance of your bank account.
Pay others /pay <playername> <amount> None Pays another player an amount of $hineys from your account The other player must be online. Example "/pay JoeDingbat 1.02 " will pay JoeDingbat $1.02 in $hineys

Global Text Formatting

You can use the following codes to style your text in many features, including nicknames, mail and chat. Simply include the code directly BEFORE the word or words you want to style. And you can stack them.
Usage Example: "This party is &lSo Awesome&r, I could just &nDie.&r" would appear like this: "This party is So Awesome, I could just Die."

Style Code Note
Bold &l (That's a lower case L)
Italic &o
Underline &n
Strikethrough &m
Reset &r This "ends" the formatting and returns the following text to standard style.