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Give the Gift of Minecraft Fun with the Madminers 2018 Refer-A-Friend Campaign! Lets get more friends in the world! Know someone who plays Minecraft and would enjoy the Madminers worlds? Why not invite them to join us? For a limited time, you'll get some sweet loot!

How it Works

The Referral

Existing Player Referring New Players: New Players Responding to a Referral:
1. Just give your friend this link which leads here.
2. Have them click on the banner to the right.
Just click the banner above to join!

What's Next

  1. Within 24 hours, an admin will process the request, and your friend will be added to the server whitelist.
    1. They will receive an email when this is complete.
  2. The next time you log in you will receive your reward.
  3. The first time your friend logs in they will have a balance of 200 §hineys.
  4. The referral program is available for a limited time and will expire December 31st 2018!

Referral Rewards

For your referral efforts you'll receive the following rewards!

  • 100 §hineys for each player you refer!
  • 1 Totem of Undying for the 1st friend you refer!

Notes: At the moment, the referral reward for your friend is automatic, but your referral reward is manual. We will process your reward as soon as possible. You must be logged in to receive your totem, because Minecraft does not allow items to be given to offline players.

All new players always get §200 in §hineys!

Referral Program Rules

Here are a few rules to follow when using the referral program:

  1. Only one account per person can receive rewards. Multi-accounting is allowed on our server, but only one account per player can participate in this program.
  2. YOU Must make sure that your friend has read and agrees to the Server Code of Conduct before you refer the friend. You will be considered a "mentor" to your friend for their first 30 days of gameplay and may be held responsible of they break the rules maliciously.
  3. Our server is for players 18 or older. However, we will accept referrals for players as young as 14, as long as they are either your child or your sibling. Although the in-game chat does not usually contain objectionable content, this is an uncensored server and we will not enforce any censorship in the presence of underage players. By referring a child or sibling who is under 18, you are strictly accountable for their behavior and gameplay.
  4. You may only receive one Totem of Undying for your first completed referral.
  5. Make sure that your friend includes your IN-GAME name when they fill out the request form. In most cases we will not know you by any other name and you will not get your rewards if the referred friend does not use your known in-game name.
  6. It takes up to 24 hours to process the friend's request, and they will be able to log in after that. Your friend must log in and play for you to receive your reward. Only after they log in the first time will you receive your reward. Remember, your rewards are not automatic and an admin must process them manually. If you would like, you can request an admin to process the reward while you are online by sending KingDingbat a PM on our Discord chat server.
  7. We reserve the right to change the rewards and rules at anytime.