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Code of Conduct

We have a simple code of conduct. If you play on any Madminers world, please follow these rules or you might get suspended or banned.
We want to keep the rules simple and brief because we don't like rules that much.
Please help us keep them simple and brief by adhering to rule #1 at all times:

  1. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Leave other people's stuff and homes alone. If you have belongings in a remote area, it is suggested (though not a rule) that you mark your property with a sign so it's not mistaken for game rendered abode/loot. You are welcome to setup community rest stops or caches, of course. Just put down a sign as such so others know they can use the items/facility.
  3. No cheating! The only mods allowed are those that add minor functionality to the game, like UI changes. Custom texture packs are OK except those which give players an advantage. (No cheating, no X-Ray mods, etc.)
  4. Adults Only You must be 18 or older to play on our server, however we will make exceptions for children or siblings of adult players.
  5. Don't Bypass that AFK timeout After 15 minutes of inactivity the game will automatically log you out. Do not use programs or objects on your keyboard (or whatever else you may dream up) to bypass this timer. Mainly because it messes up the sleeping mechanism for other players.
  6. NAME IT! If you discover a village, temple, or other landmark, it is your duty as a citizen to name that landmark! Plop a sign marker and name it something cool. This does not mean the village or landmark belongs to you, but you do have the forced honor of deciding it's name. If you do want to claim it as yours, make sure you make that clear to other players. Perhaps preface your sign with "Joe's" to indicate you're peeing on everything in the vicinity. Protect those villagers if you want them to live!
  7. No PVP At the moment, we do not offer a PVP world. Players in our worlds should be considered neighbors you like. Be nice to them.

Not Rules but Guidelines

The following are not rules, but are more of an etiquette for playing in our worlds.

  1. If you decide to settle down near a village, especially if it is already named, protect the villagers by lighting it up like the 4th of July and installing a "Wall of Protection". For God's sake, at least provide them with an iron golem!
    1. If you want it to be "YOUR" village, make sure you name it with a sign marker.
  2. When you decide to strike out on your own and build your home, that you keep a respectable distance between your construction and your neighbors, as a courtesy. Most times players have plans for an area that can be quite large, so give them plenty of space, unless you mutually agree to collaborate. If you want to build in a place that is within visible distance of another player structure, ask before building. (Suggestion: Discord Chat )