Tofurkey Land

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Tofurkey Land


Tofurkey Land is a Creative Mode world that debuted for Thanksgiving 2018. Previous Thanksgiving worlds included Tirkie Land. The worlds came about because the Madminers became a thing from an unofficial tradition of resuming our Minecraft addiction during the Thanksgiving break.

Tofurkey is a tofu-based vegan alternative to a whole roast turkey, often served by/for vegetarians or vegans for Thanksgiving.


The Portal Between Worlds
There is only one portal at this time, which is located at the Spawn point at coordinates -109 64 75.

This portal allows you to move between Tofurkey Land and Destinos: Vega
There is a beacon nearby, to help find the portal from afar, but note that the portal is several blocks to the EAST of the beacon.

Landmarks of Note


Villages of Note



Tofurkey Land opened on November 21st, 2018. It was intended as a Creative Only world that would be limited to Thanksgiving weekend, but was left open because KingDingbat is too lazy to close it.


Tofurkey Land is notable for the large biome of icebergs surrounding the spawn point.