Update 01-8-2018 - The Chat Update!

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The Chat Update!

The Chat Update 1-8-2018

This update adds some robust features to the chat system in Minecraft, including emojis, mail and private messaging.

SPECIAL NOTE: You will be asked if you want to download a new resource pack when you log in the first time, you should choose YES. This is the emoji pack.

Message of the Day:

  • A new message of the day will appear with news when you log in. You can also see this message by typing "/motd"

Private messages:

  • PM's now show up at the top right of your screen like achievements.
  • New commands. /t, /tell, /whisper, /msg, /m all send private message to the playername after the command.
  • You may now use "/r" to reply to your last PM recipient automatically. You do not need to type their name.
  • You may now use "/ignore" or "/ign" to ignore a player.
  • You may now use "/togglepm", "/ignorepm", "/ignpm or "/nopm" to ignore private messages altogether.


    • You can change your in-game name to a nickname. Use the command "/nick <new name>". Your name will then display as "~<nickname>" in chat. Your nickname can be up to 40 characters and spaces are not allowed.
    • You may format your nicknames with bold, italic, strikethrough and underline. (See Formatting Chat, below)
    • To return to your regular USERNAME type "/nick off"


  • You will be asked to download a new resource pack from the server when you log in next time. This is the emoji pack! You should click yes, or it won't work.
  • If you don't see emoji, you might need to retry downloading the emoji resource pack. Use the command "/emojichat resourcepack" to do so. Your game will freeze for a minute while it downloads.
  • Emoji from Discord should now display properly in game (no more ":smile:" codes)
  • To see all the codes for the Emoji, use the command "/emojichat list" or visit the [Emoji List]

NOTE: Some of the "fun" emoji are disabled by the author... I am working on a solution. Sorry :(


You can now send mail to other players, even when they're offline. NOTE: The player has to have logged on since this update in order to receive the mail. If the player has not logged on yet after this update, you will receive an error that says "Player not found".

  • To send mail, use the command "/mail <variable>".
    • "/mail read"
    • "/mail clear"
    • "/mail send"
  • The game will only inform you if you have mail when you log on. If you receive mail while playing you will not get a notification. You should run "/mail read" as you feel necessary.
  • You may also use a mailbox in the world, in various villages. See villages to find one.

Other Chat Features:

    • You can flag yourself as AFK ("Away From Keyboard") by typing "/afk". This will also turn it off. When you are AFK your name will turn gray in the player list and be flagged "-AFK".
    • If you are idle for 5 minutes, you will be placed in "AFK" mode. Simply /afk to turn it off or move or interact with something in the world. IF you are AFK for 10 minutes, you will be logged out of the game.
  • SORRY THIS IS BROKEN AT THE MOMENT - GIVE ME A COUPLE DAYS MENTIONS: You can place an "@" in front of a player's name to "mention" them. When they are mentioned, an alert is played on their computer, and their name is highlighted in chat.
  • SORRY THIS IS BROKEN AT THE MOMENT - GIVE ME A COUPLE DAYS Spellcheck - Will correct spelling and punctuation.
  • OPs and Admins names will be shown in red.
  • MUTE: You can mute the chat completely by using the command "/chc mute". The game will notify the rest of the players when you mute them.
  • EMOTE: You may now emote by typing "/me" before your action. Example, if your name is Joe: "/me dances the dance of his people." will say in chat: "Joe dances the dance of his people."
  • CHAT FORMATTING: Formatting Chat Messages: You may now format your chat messages with bold, strikethrough, underline, italic styles. Use the following codes before your text to format them. Use "&r" after the text to switch back to default.
    • "&l" for bold Example: "The &lgirl&r was a big spender" would appear as "The girl was a big spender."
    • "&m" for strikethrough.
    • "&n" for Underline.
    • "&o" for Italics.
    • "&r" to reset, or "stop" the formatting and continue the text with default formatting.
    • NOTE: These may also work on signs, but it is untested.

Other changes:

  • You may now sleep in your bed at day time. This allows you to set your bed respawn location whenever you like.
  • Some Easter eggs have been added to the game. You may find hints to them throughout the world.

Admin Notes:

  1. [Essentials]
  2. [Essentials Signs]
  3. [ChatControl]