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Madminers FAQ

What is the server address?

The server address is (no port needed) We do not use an IP address.

What is Discord and how do I use it?

Discord is basically a hopped up chat service on steroids, where one can have their own chat room ("channel") for specific related topics - Mostly video games. Our Discord channel allows you to chat with other players, whether you are logged into the game or just on the Discord website. The Discord chat and game chat are linked. To access our chat channel, you'll first need to click on this invitation link: After that, you can access our channel at:

When I log in, it says I am not whitelisted

We play on a private server and you must be referred by a current player. Have your friend send KingDingbat a whitelist request with your Minecraft username. Once we have added you to the whitelist, you will be able to play.

I can't get into the Nether or the End on Tirkie Land

At this time, the only way to play in the underworlds is to go to Destinos:Pentarus. Tirkie Land does not have either underworld. Sorry! We're working on it.

I want to edit the wiki

If you want to edit it yourself, send KingDingbat a message on Discord or Facebook and request access. You must be familiar with Wiki Markup Language.

What commands can I use in the chat?

You can find all the commands you can use in the Player Commands Reference guide.


I am building and changing things but the GPS map doesn't show the changes. Why?

The GPS map, ( renders changes fairly slowly. This is because it uses the same server to render the map that runs the game. It's slow so that your game won't be laggy. The changes you make in-game may take several minutes to an hour to appear, sometimes they might appear within seconds. It depends on how busy the server is.